Strengthening the household economy in Cartago


Cartago is a city of effort and joy that has faced the problem of unemployment by small businesses on which it depends, in many cases, the familiar economy. As América Solidaria, we are providing financial and technical support to these, so that the joy is still present in every family of Cartago. Our partner territorial is: Diocesan Corporation

-Proyecto cerrado-


Unemployment and informal work in Cartago have become matters that no one is indifferent to. While there are other factors that affect their quality of life, the locals have addressed this dilemma by creating small business initiatives. Unemployment in Cartago is caused by two main reasons: the first is that the city has become the recipient of displaced persons and farmers from surrounding areas. The second reason is that the paradigm of “easy money” implanted by the now defeated drug trafficking in the area, left the city without adequate provision of legal jobs.


To support the efforts of the local people at the enterprises that increase their quality of life, América Solidaria implements a project focused on the sustainability of their businesses. This initiative works through two lines. The first is with the provision of micro-credit of the Diocesan Corporation to enable them to invest in their businesses. This is necessary because the vulnerable situation that they find themselves in prevents them from turning to regular financial systems. The second line of work focuses on the sustainability of the business, through technical advice on topics linked to entrepreneurship and creating savings groups where they learn the value of savings to get by.


Nearly 340 people, men and women have directly benefitted from this project. They are mainly people who need help saving money to undertake their initiatives, as well as people with business ideas that will allow them to move forward and improve their quality of life.

volunteers involved

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