Economic empowerment in rural communities in Torotoro


We are helping to improve the lives of those who live in extreme poverty in Bolivia. Working with a local public entity and an international organization, our goal is to strengthen productive development among rural communities and small businesses in Torotoro (Cochabamba). Our partner territorial is: UN Woman

-Proyecto cerrado-


The impoverished rural population in Bolivia has to live with economic restrictions due to its isolation and lack of opportunities to utilize and strengthen its own resources and skills.


Along with Superación de la pobreza Foundation we set up in the Torotoro community and work with these extremely impoverished rural communities and small businesses. Building upon the community’s resources and knowledge, we offer training so that productive development projects can be designed that strengthen sustainable economic activities and improve quality of life.


We have worked directly with two rural communities: Pocosuco and Yambata, which total 180 families. In addition, we have worked with 4 economic associations that share our goal of producing, trading and transforming products. This project has directly benefitted more than 700 people.

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